Think of a Nail

Think of a nail; like you’d hit with a hammer.

Work as hard as you can to form that image in your mind.

Contemplate the length–maybe one or two inches; and the metal it’s made from (iron, most likely).

Hold it in your mind’s eye, and then: with your mind’s hands.

Touch the point of the nail with the end of your finger and notice that it’s sharp enough to prick your skin.

Bite down on it–feel the unyielding metal between your teeth.

Imagine a nail; like you’d hit with a hammer.

Focus on the simplicity of its shape. Ignore, for now, its purpose.

Vanish it–then bring it back. Practice doing this, until it becomes second-nature.

In the coming days and weeks and months, I want you to cast your mind back to the nail you’ve created. Touch it–turn it over between your fingers–conjure it up (again and again): make the nail as real as you possibly can.

Think of a nail, like you’d hit with a hammer.

Put it aside: but don’t forget about it.

You’re going to need it, soon enough.