Last Action Replay

In the Arnold Schwarzenegger film Last Action Hero, the lines between reality and fiction are blurred as an archetypal “magic ticket” allows the characters to pop into (and out of) films (for more on “popping in and out” of things read Godel, Escher and Bach).

An Action Replay is a cheating device for computers and gaming consoles that wedged in-between the game and the machine and let you input codes that could grant invulnerability, the ability to walk through walls (we spoke of this unsacred power, called “no clip”, only in hushed tones) and whatever else you can think of.

In a way, the Action Replay was like the magic ticket from Last Action Hero.

Kind of.

In Last Action Hero there’s a bunch of action-movie rules that allow Arnie to perform death-defying feats without feeling pain (or taking bullet damage). In a horror movie, y’all know better than to say “I’ll be right back!”

In video games there’s heaps of rules, like: don’t fall into that pit Mario.

The “real world” (this one) has plenty of rules as well and we’re especially good at thinking up names for them, like “Common Law” and “The Laws of Thermodynamics” and “Thermomix Instruction Manual”.

But here’s the thing: in movies, the rules can be adjusted. Sometimes, as in Last Action Hero, this rule-bending is embedded into the story itself. Other times the characters might have an innate awareness of “the rules” and thus be able to bend them to their advantage (this doesn’t always work out).

In video games you can use an Action Replay or input a bunch of button presses on your controller, or, if you’re feeling especially foolhardy, you can type “no_clip” into the console.

What’s out there, beyond the darkness? Does one see Truth? The Face of God? Or merely more emptiness? 

Here, in “real life”, the rules are much harder to break. But lordy, how we try.

We build Large Hadron Colliders. We read self-help manuals. We gaze into crystals and and cast nets and cast runes and cast faces in bronze and cast “hot new talent” in “spectacular retellings of old family classics”.

Each thing that we build is a ritual; every word that we speak is a spell.

In an attempt to further unpack such an idea I will now attempt to draw a parallel between the underrated classic Arnold Schwarzenegger film Last Action Hero and the Action Replay cheat code device. Because the Action Replay was kind of like the magic ticket from Last Action Hero.

Kind of.