A Curse and a Castle

I see so much incredible art (in all mediums) that, at times, it makes me hesitant to share my own. I am certain that, similarly stricken with that peculiar malady that marks us all imposters, many others share this curse.

It is time to break it.

Art is an expression of a truth that lives inside the artist—a connection to the person who created it. And by experiencing art we may yet glimpse some reflection of our own selves, some connection shining back at us from the facets of another mind.

This is why—when you’re at a concert listening to your favourite band—you get chills down your spine. It is also why it happens when you’re listening to a busker in the mall.

Art is an expression of truth: not the truth, but a truth. Sometimes the truth is confusing. Sometimes it’s clumsy. Sometimes it’s incomplete.

But only by seeking to break that curse that makes us afraid may we bring these truths to light. And one by one, piece by piece, we can begin to gather together enough of those sparkling, splintered fragments to build something greater.

Perhaps: a castle.