They Will Never Know

Hand by hand these bricks were laid,
Brick by brick this manor made,
Children played upon the glade,
Until this place was torn asunder,
Smashed apart by raging thunder,
The God of the People Beyond These Walls,
Had risen up and towered tall,
The children, servants ran away,
But flame and lightning blocked their way,
And thus there trapped by decadence,
The God ignored their penitence,
Clothes, flesh, bones all burnt away,
Scorched brick tower left to decay,
Ages passed and vines consumed,
The ruins of that manor tomb,
Travellers come here treading slowly,
Trying to imagine what transpired,
(The “Official Record”, you see, is undecided)
But they will never know,
They will never know.
They will never know.
They will never know.