Another Ball; Another Tube

The world wobbles on its axis, but we don’t feel it?

The geology of the earth arranges itself in patterns such that we can sense continuity in its transformations.

A man drops a coloured ball into a tube on the surface and it shunts through pipes, bouncing this way and that.

Eventually it will pop out the other end, but who knows how long it will take to navigate the pipes?

The ball, finally coming to rest, is picked up by another man who places it into another tube, and thus–the situation begins again.

Another ball; another tube.

Hands move faster now. Shuffling the balls, placing them into tubes. There are no rules to this game. If there ever were they have been lost to time like faded cave paintings.

Cities spread out like monopoly boards. Chance cards shuffled. In every pack there’s two Jokers, at least.

At least.