The Scientist, the Mathematician and the Musician

The scientist notes down her findings for the day in a messy notebook held together with rubber bands. The discovery will change lives, alter the very trajectory of human development; but there hides, trapped between pages of nonsensical scribbles.

A mathematician draws shapes in the sand. He looks up at the sun and notes the way the trees cast their shadows, lengthening as the day wears on. He draws a triangle, intersected by two lines. He has figured something out today, but he doubts the Elders will believe him.

The musician switches between two alternating chords on her guitar. She has written a song that will unite the entire world and it begins with only two chords, two chords long forgotten. She didn’t study music; she learned to play by ear and now this song–this special song–rings out in an almost empty room of disinterested patrons.

The man loads a heavy box of books onto the back of a truck (amongst them is the scientist’s notebook). They are to be thrown away. The sand in which the mathematician drew the triangle with his fingers has been paved over and the trees with their lengthening shadows were cut down long ago for firewood. The musician forgets about the special song because nobody seemed to like it that much anyway.

These characters are real and their stories might seem disheartening. But they are not you.

Experiment. Believe in yourself. Find out what you know and chase it. Listen. Believe; not only in yourself but in others. There is great value in what others know, but you won’t learn unless you listen. There is great value in what you know, but others cannot learn unless you tell them.

Never stop playing those alternating chords. If your guitar is broken, hum the tune instead. If you think you’ve forgotten how, don’t worry it will come back to you. It’s yours; you cannot forget it.

It’s time to make other people listen.