Time is the void through which tetrominoes fall.

It seems simple at first; arranging the blocks. It is satisfying when they fall into place flush against one another.

Flashing, then, they disappear from view. The Korobeiniki speeds up and the pieces take on a different nature: those shapes, once so easily comprehended, fall faster.

We spin and slot them together. We build solid walls. We do our best to pay attention to the next piece before it falls, the next piece before it falls, the next piece before it falls.

The void of time fills up with tetrominoes. Blank spaces between them impossible to reach. Keep spinning. Keep spinning.

The Korobeiniki speeds up.

You can’t think about the empty spaces at the bottom of the void. Just keep building on top. Now the next piece matters more than ever. It is the wrong piece. It is the wrong piece.

The Korobeiniki speeds up.

Lines flash and vanish. The screen clears but the pieces do not stop falling. The tetrominoes are relentless.

The Korobeiniki speeds up.