Try to Understand

What size was the Big Bang? What shape? What sound did it make when it happened? What would an observer have seen?

Two motes of space dust in an indeterminable void. They should never touch, but there is no time in this vast space and there is yet no established form to the void.

They collide and combine and..? Rapid inflation? The chain reaction of all chain reactions. A thermodynamic tsunami; was it silent or did it roar?

In that moment the Universe was defined. All forms rippled out from that moment, all truths and lies and nebulae and stars like schools of fishes striking out through that dark ocean of the sky.

Impossible. Impossible.

Nonsensical science. This spiral splatter laid out like a platter for gods to ignore. And us, another rock-amongst-rocks. And us, another mind-amongst-minds.

Born with beating hearts and eyes with which to see and brains with which to tie ourselves in knots.

We try to understand.