Monolith Protrusions and Their Effects

“…the Monoliths, known in some worlds as ‘Foundation Stones’ and existing as they do in flux, have sometimes been proven to protrude into the worlds they were created to sustain.

Due to the many dangers associated with coming into contact with the stones (see Monolith Hazards), the locations of these protrusions are usually regarded as cursed and are, as such, avoided.

In some places, large-scale structures have been constructed in order to contain the dangerous Monolith protrusions, while some sentient species have discovered ways to use them to generate energy (see Harnessing the Monolith: Imaginary Energy).

Though ingenous, use of the Foundation Stones as energy generators can often lead to catastrophic consequences (see The Implosion of Shog-Ma, Tsunamis of Ether, On the Destruction of Worlds, Fused Worlds).

In rare cases, Monolith protrusions are capable of becoming gateways to the Sphere, though this is only possible should the individual in question know The Rules. In the event of such an incursion it is crucial to deal with the Interloper as soon as possible, through either elimination, capture or reintegration. In most cases succesful reintegration is impossible.”