Containing Chaos

Beyond the first eternity–that seventh primal element which had come into being as a result of the meeting and mixing of the other six, previously disparate, elements and came to be regarded as the Trickster (see Interviews with the Gridwalker, The Adventures of Autolycus) spread chaos wherever it went and destabilised a great many worlds.

Not bound by the philosophies of Love or Strife, nor guided by the primal impulses of the Manifest Elements (see Manifest Elements: A Beginner’s Guide), Chaos walked where it could and changed what it would, rapidly undermining the unsubtle laws of logic, reason, time and space.

Thus, a pact was formed around the Meeting Stone (see The Dark Place) whereby it was agreed that the Trickster should be captured and contained.

With the assistance of the Cerebellum (see Welcome to the Cerebellum) a prison was created in a form so labyrinthine and inconceivable  that any mortal to set eyes on it would be driven irrevocably insane.

But Chaos could not be restrained, for insanity was the Trickster’s very strength. And so they escaped and chaos spread across the multiverse.

It was clear then, by the non-Euclidean bendings of the Mad Prison (see Warren’s Companion to Strange Places) that Chaos could not be contained, but must instead be mitigated (see The Mitigating of Chaos).