One Oh One

In a town not too far from anywhere, but closer to nowhere than you think; there is a town where, for a period of no less and no more than an exact one minute (first timed by “Heinrick J. in 1965), shadowy, shroud-draped figures appear on the streets and in the parks and sway, slowly back and forth.

That is to say, strange apparitions appear in this place, visible for only one minute. It is generally considered undesirable to encounter the apparitions and so, at exactly 1.01am (for that is time when they appear) the inhabitants of this place where said apparitions appear make sure they are inside at the time.

In truth, that isn’t much of a problem, for most of the people who live in town are medicated and asleeping by 9pm.

Factors to consider:

  • Who, or what, are these shambling figures?
  • Why do they appear for only one minute?
  • Why do the figures only ever appear outside?

We will be revisiting these questions in a later portion of this textbook.