Of the Tel-Ur and the Battle Planet

Of the Battle Planet little is known; for only one tribe endured.

This was a roasting, fiery place of thick jungle and dirty water and horrendous volcanoes spewing poison.

The people of that planet were hardy and persisted. Yet such was the limited nature of resources in that place that the entire planet was endlessly at war.

In lieu of nations, vast nomadic warrior tribes were formed and fought endlessly, earning the planet its name.

Each tribe excelled in different arts of war, many of which would have been forgotten had they not been assimilated by the Telurians; for that tribe stood above the rest in capability if not sheer numbers.

Those Telurians (or Tel-Ur as they would become known) learned from each enemy tribe they defeated and formed a vast and thriving warrior society, capable of wielding any type of armament.

In battle, the Tel-Ur were unmatched on the battlefield, yet could not stop the extinction event that tore their planet asunder and drained the atmosphere of breathable air.

The DNA of a single Telurian warrior was preserved and remains property of FODR, forming the cornerstone of their multi-dimensional cloning operations.

Every Telurian clone is born with an intrinsic understanding of battle, unremitting strength and an endless drive to crush their enemies. Telurian clones are now so commonplace that on some worlds they war endlessly with one another at the bidding of external forces.

One hypothesis posits that the original Battle World is, in fact, one of these planets and thus the Tel-Ur are performing an endless cycle of fighting, dying and ever evolving the arts of battle.