People of the River

The People of the River traverse the water with ease, navigating its ever changing course with resilience and ingenuity. Each group is ruled by a single Matriach and attended by a retinue of men of her choosing.

Primary among their lore is that the Matriarch should not have to trouble herself to move and so the she is carried upon a litter held aloft by no less than eight men.

It is impermissable for the Matriarch to touch river water that has not first been boiled and scented (for this, the river peoples use the pungent, insect-repelling sap of the yagu tree).

Thus the Matriarchs are seldom moved across the river and only when the water is low. If any part of the Matriarch is to touch the river water, it is law that the remainder of her tribe must disband via the Rite of Umalyri (see Dark Rites), while the once-Matriarch retires into the mangroves to live out the reminder of her days as a sluggish swamp-thing.

No large scale conflicts between the People of the River have been recorded.

No kaiju are known to inhabit the riverlands.