Storage of the Sacrosanct

One such example is the Crystalline Archive beneath London-town, which holds no less than 5,000 such objects.

Although a great many of these items are dormant, the supernatural nature of such items requires that separation must be maintained between them so as to avoid events such as Incident 405, during which no less than three universes were destroyed.

Correct storage of such items is thus of prime importance and it is important to assess the situation on a variety of levels in order to ensure best practices in line with Cerebellum guidelines (CB-32315).

Thus a multi-disciplinary approach must be taken. First the objects must be categorised. Although this is not always possible, even low-level Psychometrics can prove useful in ascertaining the origin of an item, if not its intention.

Its adviseable to alternate items in storage such that items from the same universe are not kept in close proximity to each other. This method has proven to be a simple yet effective method of disrupting unintended interactions between such items.

Furthermore, items that cannot be categorised should be stored seperately and in Void Cubes where possible.

— Excerpt from Storage of the Sacrosanct: Best Practices