Continuity of Consciousness

Most theories of teleportation work around a concept similar to the cut and paste function on a computer. First, at the point of departure, the computer creates an exact digital replica of you, which contains all of the information they require in order to reassemble you at your destination.

At the moment of teleportation, the original you is ‘cut’ from existence and a new version of you is simultaneously ‘pasted’ at the other end. To put it simply, you are replaced by an exact replica—every cell, organ, limb and thought, recreated by a biological weaving machine.

The copy would presume themselves to be you and would act how you would act. To the outside world the copy would be indistinguishable. For all practical purposes it is you. And yet… it is not.

Your old self exists no longer and instead a copy now walks in your place.

For these reasons, I would urge anyone who reads this to not enter into any teleportation devices unless you can be guaranteed continuity of consciousness.

Unregulated replicating teleportation devices have been misused in dozens of places around the Universe and are banned in many jurisdictions. Other methods of teleportation: no-clip, rubberbanding or the so-called ‘slippery lens’ method are among the most safe non-replicating teleportation devices currently in use.