Distant Transmissions

Combining human knowledge about the nature of space-time, as well as Betwin’s “Theory of Inexplicable Matter”, it quickly became simple to transmit wave-based communications across vast physical distances.

From time to time a radio hobbyist will stumble across these transmissions, in the form of what many call numbers stations”. In fact, far from being the transmissions of government agencies, many of these number stations are in fact fragmentary, temporal anomalies* from the distant future, or the distant past.

Far from being limited to number stations, however, such transmissions have also been known to contain music, words and ambient noise from distant places, times and dimensions.

It is believed that by utilising this technology we may eventually be able to directly communicate with those who share “dimensional space” with us; which is to say, beings that dwell in the 4th, 5th, 6th (etc.) non-Euclidean dimensions.

* Due to the nature of these communications it is unlikely that they align with any proposed temporal framework. As such these transmissions are considered merely a novelty, and thus are of little interest to the Department.