Limitations of the Vatari

The Vatari are a species of alien humanoids with the ability to both read and, perhaps more concerningly, control the minds of others. Although the particular method is still being researched, these powers seem to arise from an unknown section of the forebrain that does not exist in most other human-like species.

The Vatari’s abilities at mind-reading and mind-control are virtually unmatched. They are capable of entirely attaining control over another mind and thus can force it to perform any act. Similary, one may not guard against their personal thoughts or secrets while in the proxmity of a Vatari.

Most psychic protection methods (including those advanced technologies designed to block and limit similar abilities) are useless against the Vatari. Brain-foggers (both living and machine) and psychic mirrors have no effect.

Thankfully, the abilities of the Vatari can be protected against in far more practical ways:

  • Solid Objects – Solid objects, particularly walls, with a density no less than 2400 kg/m3 are capable of protecting against Vatari abilities.
  • Long Distances – The Vatari are unable to maintain any form of psychic control at a distance over 750m. In reality this number may actually be as low as 500m.
  • Velvet – Velvet fabric is perhaps the most effective deterrant of all. For reasons that are entirely unknown, velvet not only prevents Vatari mind-incursions, but also creates a feeling of discomfort for the Vatari in question.