Arguments for Changdalean Ethics

“The Changdalean Ethics were set more than 13,000 years ago by those who were called the High Priests of the Golden Temple.

Though this ethical framework is long-criticised, there is something to be said about the longevity and stability that has presided over the Changdalean culture and its people.

That primary decree of Changdalean ethics is that one must adhere to the “rules of god”, as determined by the High Priests of the Golden Temple. Thus, any action(s), that do not directly benefit the High Priests of the Golden Temple are viewed as inherently unethical.

This system is weighted towards inequality and, indeed, the High Priests (of which there are currently 7) are to be considered the force supereme within Changdalean culture.”

— Excerpt from “Instruments of God: Human Action and Heavenly Causation”, by “P.S.”