Quantum Replicating Nanobots

First perfected in the labs of the Axis Corp. and under the CEO, Sebastian Blake (entity class: red dragon), the quantum replicating nanobots were at first hailed as a miraculous scientific breakthrough.

The robots were capable of not only self-replication, but establish a neural web capable of adjusting their capablities to whatever task they had been given. If an error should occur at any point, all subsequent replications adjust accordingly.

On 2035 this was demonstrated as the Axis had the bots reassemble an entire fallen skyscraper. Beginning with less than 5,000 nanobots, it was estimated that over 2.704814e+300 were replicated within the following 12 hours in order to achieve this feat. The experiment was succesful.

This technology was quickly adapted to mass-commercial teleportation. It is important to recognise that teleportation conducted in this way does not provide continuity of consciousness.

After the Netherous Cataclysm, the nanobots were spread in vast numbers across multiple time-periods and dimensions. Adjusting to the post-Cataclysm reality saw them augmenting, combing and recreating chimeraic creatures, weapons and slaves. The Dictator is known to employ an endless army of self-replicating slaves known as the Thoughtless.

The robotic steeds of the Knights of the Verdant are an example of nanobots reclaimed by Axis Corp. remnants, and as such are capable of being adjusted and controlled within set boundaries to avoid unintended consequences.

Quantum Replicating Nanobots are classified as an Omega-class weapon.