Fake It

I’ll fake it
Till I take it
Too far
Till I make it
It’ll make me
A star
And I’ll gleam
From afar
Then I will fade
It will seem
That I’m being unmade
Thoughts displayed
And laid bare
Either foolish
Or brave
Or a slave
To a chain
That’s constricting my brain
I’m insane
I’m unravelling
Can’t stop this pain
There’s a stain
On my hands
I can’t seem to scrub free
Woe is me
I’m like “Woah”
To go fast
I first need
To learn to go slow
Go below
Sink into the darkness
I seek
An absolute darkness
Far deeper than sleep
A place where it’s quiet
Where I don’t need to think
And here where it’s quiet
If I’m brave I can find it
The wick of a candle
I need only to