On the Neverous Ether

“The Neverous Ether is a place-outside-all-places, an “Eternal Transience” through which all other worlds drift like pieces across the playing field of that great game called “The Conflict”.

Despite existing beyond, or “outside of”, what we would commonly refer to as reality, the Neverous Ether is nonetheless visible to those who visit, or more commonly, find themselves trapped there.

The “sky” of the Neverous Ether is a glowing, unearthly pink. A colour that carries with it all of the burdens of nostalgia and pain; such is the memory of the Ether, forgetting nothing. This humbling, sardonic sky is shot through with tendrils of purple cloud that twist and writhe like smoke. These are the thoughts and actions that exist within the Ether; the forces of soul and intention. Distant shining lights are visible, each one a gatewaty to a different universe.

The most notable structure to exist within the Neverous Ether is a long-abandoned shrine devoted to some unknown god.”

— F.D. Truman, “Foundations”