He is Irradiated

He is irradiated. He is lit from within.
The light shines out of Him, through His eyes and His words.
He transforms and is redoubled.
And so reforged, reforges the world.
Laying waste to everything in a mad rage.
Ruins crumbled and bloody with crushed bodies and fangs of jutting metal.
Now overgrown.
Here is where the plants and animals take purchase.
The ruins are absorbed into the earth and the surface is blasted by an eternity of volcanic winters.
And yet there comes a subtle force that bends invisibly through all things and is not yet fully understood.
So there comes a blazing heat and everything that can burn does burn and the surface of the earth is covered in ashes.
Ages pass.
A cool zephyr blows the ashes away. It is a gentle and soothing caress.
Nearby there is a tiny green sapling that will grow into a tree.
That tree will grow to be very old.