Piracy in the Ether

Piracy is rampant in that largely unoccupied space called the Neverous Ether–that is the swirling space between worlds.

First detecting the trails left by interlopers (those who can travel between worlds), Koboldian barges trawl these regions attempting to intercept objects lost to dimensional slippage (see Malachi’s “Inter-Dimensional Slippage of Small Objects” for more on this fascinating topic). Yjarj fibres are used to create nets that are capable of collecting these items en masse.

Though rare, establishment of communities within the Ether almost always takes place along these ruptures (or tubes) between worlds. Thus, by following these trails, the pirates of the Ether are able to locate, loot and pillage these intra-dimensional settlements.

The majority of pirate barges in the Ether are constructed out of Koboldian Technology, which is to say the method of their operation is incomprehensible. When each barge reaches capacity, they undertake the long return journey to the floating city of Skalad, which is constructed entirely of pieces stolen from other worlds.

Indeed the very city of Skalad has been considered a ship in itself as it is capable of directed motion and outfitted with cannons and harpoons.