Messianic Lovers

It is generally accepted that those figures of historicity called–variously and contentiously–messianic, are in fact, nothing more than flesh and bone mortals, possessed of all the same proclivities as any other person.

Hardly then, can it be surprising, that those born into such a role are just as inclined to seek companionship just as any other might.

But how can relationship be sustained when one is married (literally or figuratively) to a messianic savior?

The messiah’s role is many and varied–tending to the flock, fighting injustice and creating a tangible link between the populace and paradise.

It seems then, that not only must the messiah face considerably tribulations in the face of their destiny, but indeed those tribulations must be shared, at least in part, with those who they take as companions.

There are no recorded examples of a coupling between two individuals who are both considered messianic, though scientists agree that such an event would be likely to result in a Rapturous Expansion.