Thuul Communication Systems

The rapid expansion of the Thuul across the Syzygy necessitated the development of a robust inter-dimensional communications system

Although a number of such systems already existed, none were suitable for the Thuul who desired to be able to transmit their messages rapidly, secretly and across vast distances.

Thus, specific Thuul were flesh-moulded and became as “living switchboards”, resembling little more than pulsating lumps of flesh set amidst a pit of cables.

These creatures became a bio-mechanical interface through which the Thuul could route their thoughts, vastly extending the range of vampiric mind-speak. Similarly, these machines were also capable of “routine” machine transmissions, allowing Thuul to transmit long-form communications, such as logistical information, between worlds.

Thuul Communication Pits are believed to exist on virtually every planet containing a sentient race, as well as many planets that do not. Should one locate a pit containing a pulsating vampiric heart, it’s important you contact your local E.M. liason immediately.