Cherax Society and Culture

All that we know of the culture of that fearsome species called the Cherax comes directly from the accounts provided by Herbert Jaw, the only recorded Mind-Leaper.

Herbert Jaw could “leap” from mind to mind and thus, with human senses, observe many things that other humans cannot. Shortly after the destruction of Los Pelos, Herbert sent his mind into the ocean in an attempt to find out more about the invaders.

First he became a jellyfish. Then a fish. Then another fish. So on did Herbert send his consciousness down into the depths below. And there, in the darkness, he assumed control of the smallest of shrimp. Tiny and clawed, Herbert guided itself it towards a dark pit set into the side of an underwater cliff.

Within the Cherax den, Herbert discovered a great, terrible mass of Cherax watching another two fighting each other. As the battle played out the surrounding Cherax clicked their mandibles. The fight went on until one of the creatures was upended and there, with its underbelly exposed, had its claws torn free of its chitinous body.