Short Stories

A Pentacle Between Tentacles
The Norman Parker Wildlife Experience has a rare new species to display…

Long ago, in a forgotten prehistory, the Earth was ravaged by the so-called Demon War. A time traveller, named Chatravati, stands on a plateau and reminisces about a future in which he is yet to be born.

An old necromancer who lives beside the sea seeks to ask one final question of the dead.

Legacy Asylum
Legacy Asylum stands separate from other worlds. It is a broken-down, ruined place where there are no patients–only prisoners.

The squirrels are not what they seem.

Science is the domain of the great and powerful men of the Faculty; or so they think. But murder is about to change everything…

The Impossibility
Childhood memories of impossible things; a storm water drain that leads to another world.

Malin sells muffins. Malin is also the most important person in the universe.

Wall of Tet
Three students from the University of Caladon travel to a distant land to participate in an archaeological study of the newly-unearthed remains of an ancient wall; but was the wall built to keep things out, or to keep something in?