Qehg9H4l_400x400I’m Michael and I was born in 1982. I live in Adelaide, Australia.

There has been no shortage of challenges in my life. No lack of excitement, or of stories to tell, but this is not the place for that. Not yet. Eventually, if you wish, you will know my life story.

For numerous reasons I retreated from the world. I sought answers. For a long time I have pursued that elusive cosmic thread of meaning: through books and music, television and games, through art and religion and science books beyond my comprehension and, of course, through self-reflection.

Long have I sought “the Truth”: that sense of impossible clarity. And as such, although I have never travelled far, I have spent a lot of time “away”. In some ways, I still am.

But in all of that time I have been making things: stories and pictures and worlds and other things that are just “things”. Ideas. Thoughts. Glimmers of truth. A sparkle at the wavering of the seam–the seam of the grid that projects this complex illusion.

This website is my dedicated, unwavering attempt to share as much as I can of what I have created. Updates are presented in no specific chronology, unless explicitly stated. The objective worth of each post will vary; that is if I am to be so presumptuous to assume that there is worth in any of them at all.

I can vouch, at least, for their authenticity. And I hope that someday, this expanding collection of works will come to mean something. That is to say they will exist “out there” beyond the comfort of my solitude.

Thank you for visiting.

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